Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Target: Designer Chic

I know you all probably grew very tired of hearing about the Missoni Madness that took place about a year ago.  I, however, cannot get enough of Target's designer mashups.  After lots of googling and searching for what they have in store, I am proud to say I am counting down the days until Nate Berkus' line debuts at Target this month!  In case his name is ringing a bell, but you can't recall why, he was made famous by designing for Oprah amongst other celebs, and has his own show (which unfortunately doesn't air in the small city of Richmond, VA).

And, in the retail spirit of getting excited for Christmas before Halloween, I am even more excited to see what Target will stock its shelves with this December.  They are partnering with NEIMAN MARCUS to foster affordable styles by 24 different designers we all know and love!  Did they really just say Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg and Jason Wu?  Merry Christmas, to me!

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  1. I know I saw the Nieman Marcus collaboration, can't wait to see what that will bring!