Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni Madness

Apparently I should have taken a lunch break today.  Or even a breakfast break.  I guess rolling to Target number one at 6:30 pm and Target number two at 8:30 pm was too little, too late.  In case you forgot, today was the day Missoni dropped at Target.

I dragged the fam through the women's department, baby girl department, shoes and home decor in search of the coveted zig zags.  I scored an adorable cropped sweater for Olivia, plum pillow for the family room, and sweater for me!

Believe me, the racks were bare and the sizes were picked over.  Some of the racks were empty, so I am not sure if they just haven't been stocked yet or if they are completely sold out.  Something tells me it is the latter, because today Target's website actually crashed!  Outing number two (solo after the babes were asleep) scored a votive candle holder, sweater dress, and two picture frames!

What I love about this collection is that it screams cool, chic, and casual - what I love.  I'll take a touch of glamour for prices I can afford any day.  I really hope this isn't the last high fashion designer for Target to pick up.  Alright, I'm off to make a list of things for my husband to scout out on his lunch break tomorrow at Target number three...

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