Monday, September 24, 2012

Playroom in Progress

We worked on the kids' playroom all weekend long... Jeremy painted, I supervised.  And then after everything was put together and in place, I organized.  And organized some more.  With one trip to IKEA and three to Target under our belts, I present to you a few snapshots of our progress so far.  

Grayson working on a masterpiece at the craft table.

The start of organizing the bookshelves.  
Yes, I plan on training two year olds to put everything back in its place (ha!).

My favorite little cube

I absolutely LOVE this craft table and have to give a shout out to Strawberry Chic for having a fabulous online tutorial for a knock-off Pottery Barn table.  Jeremy whipped up this gem in two hours for $41!  Yes, you read that correctly.  And you can find the look at Pottery Barn for $200.

We have a couple of pieces of furniture and toys we are waiting on, but I promise to have complete pictures up as soon as we are finished!  With a birthday party coming up for our two favorite people, we have a lot on our plate this week.  Stay tuned for more updates as they happen!


  1. It looks AWESOME!! I know those babies will be using that craft table night and day

  2. It is gorgeous and so cheerful. Just for a photo of the space 3 months from now....unstaged and in use by those 2 cuties.