Monday, July 25, 2016

E-Design Launch for Olivia Grayson Interiors!

Friends, I have some exciting news to share!  I have officially launched Olivia Grayson Interiors E-Design as of this week!  What does this mean, you ask?  It means that you can hire a professional interior designer from the comfort of your own laptop and have a full scale design plan for your space delivered straight to your inbox!

After working with clients in Utah, California, Florida and Washington DC with such ease, I decided it was time to keep my business evolving and move forward with this opportunity for clients who may not live nearby or have the free time to meet with an interior designer.  I have worked with clients across the country in full scale remodels, new builds, and simple one-room redesigns.

Another exciting element to this launch is this is also available to those in the Richmond, VA area!  In an ever-changing world of DIY, pinterest-loving, and just plain tired and overworked mamas, this can be for you also!  It is a complete game changer to have a professional design the space without trying to cram one more appointment in your already-too-full schedule!

I would LOVE to hear about your space and design needs.  Please check out my detailed E-Design plan on my website!  Your space that you have been waiting to refresh is waiting!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Law Office Revamp

I was so excited when my father-in-law asked me to help bring his office up to date in the decor department.  He is an extremely hard-working man and devoted husband, father and grandfather, leaving the office waiting area low on the priority list for a very long time.  His only request was to try and reuse as much furniture as possible, so the "This End Up" had to stay.

Here is a look at the "before" below:

And here is the after!

What we did:
  • Sand, stain & reupholster furniture (requested to keep per client)
  • New end tables and coffee table
  • Gallery wall of pen & ink wall art in gold frames
  • New cornice boards
  • New lamps & accessories
  • Removed outdated art & overgrown plants
It was a simple and quick (but very much needed!) update.  What do you like best?

If you are in need of any updates, no matter how small, please contact me!  I would love to hear from you!  

Thursday, February 26, 2015


I love working with clients who have a vision but still enable me to exercise my talents and lead a project into completion!  The sweet family who this bathroom belongs to were involved every step of the way, but entrusted me to keep the bathroom classic with a touch of on-trend accents for their teenage daughter.

Classic chrome & pewter hardware

It's all in the details: moroccan inspired glass tile accents and vintage crystal drawer hardware

Carrara marble countertops with chrome plumbing fixtures is always a beauty!

Timelessly designed hardware for a traditional and classic look!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Shall We Dine?

Traditionally, the dining room is usually reserved as a more formal room in the house, at least in the South.  When we built the house, it was one of the first rooms we furnished because we love to have friends over.  We wanted anything but formal because we wanted it to fit within our lifestyle and it was extremely important for every room to be functional.  Most of the furniture you see is from Ethan Allen.  We went with a Farmhouse style table and then more traditional fabrics on the chairs to dress it up a bit.  You will find us hosting children's cookie decorating parties, celebrating birthdays, and possibly even the boys riding their tricycles through here!

Recently, we repainted this room to more of a greige instead of the darker and brighter green it originally was painted.  I could not love this color more.  The window panels are custom made to puddle on the floor and in a more modern fabric to keep it casual.

I usually decorate seasonally or according to whatever we are hosting on the buffet, but kept it clean for this picture.

Initially, I had a simple wrought iron chandelier installed over the dining room table, but was never in love with it.  After a few years of living with it, we had an electrician close the box and install two new boxes to hang these open styled lanterns from.  I figured they were timeless in a house like ours on a farm.

The oversized candle sconces are from Pottery Barn.

The corner china cabinet was my grandmothers and houses all of our wedding china.  I have been wracking my brain for about 10 years on how I should redo it.  I want to absolutely be sure of the changes before I repaint, wallpaper, or restain it, so I have not touched it yet!  It's pretty low on the priority list right now.

And there you have it, our dining room!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Our New Master Bedroom

Hello, 2014!  It's about time I catch up and get my creative juices flowing with this blog!  2013 apparently ended in May on my blog, and for that I apologize!  Life has been crazy, busy, and beautiful with three little ones running around.  I'm passing a bit of the blame to this little babe, Harrison Jude.

I am trying to make this year all about simplifying and enjoying our little ones because we all know how quickly time flies!  My dear friend, Ginny, of Ginny O. Photography is helping me spruce up my website by taking far better pictures than I can produce.  I thought I would just jump right in with a tour of our newly decorated master bedroom.  In keeping with my need to purge, clean, and simplify, neutrals seemed the way to go this time around.

I am all about color, but after spending so much time over the past four years in this room with newborns during feeding times, during middle of the night crying sessions, and the couple of months I spent on bedrest, I wanted a major change.  I loved the paint that was previously on the wall and kept decorating around it; then, it finally hit me that the paint was what needed to go!  I feel like I can finally breathe and truly relax in here!

Our bedding is layers and layers of whites, linen, and greys.  It is more relaxed, casual, and easy to throw together in the mornings when we are trying to get three kids and ourselves ready and out the door.  I like to think of it as imperfectly perfect.

And of course, the bedroom tour wouldn't be complete without some detail shots.  

Thanks for stopping by!