Friday, May 3, 2013

Olivia & Grayson's Toy Room: Stencil it up!

This very long overdue post dates back to last fall, when my husband tackled nesting project #435.  When designing our home, we purposely placed the study by the front door in hopes of me one day starting my interior design business.  Fast forward through eight years of marriage and three children, and we ultimately decided it would be most functional to temporarily serve as a play room.  You may have seen initial progress from this post.  I wanted to have a bright and cheerful space that they could call their own.

Welcome inside!  Yes, Grayson is allowed to ride his tricycle inside of the house.  He is a professional and has never nicked a piece of furniture even when speeding through the dining room!

After debating whether or not to have built-ins made professionally, we decided to hit up IKEA and spend less money on more kid friendly furniture!

I love organizing.  I cannot get enough of the chevron boxes that magically hide all of their clutter.

We turned an IKEA shelf on its side to serve as a bench.  The baskets below are from Target and have luggage tags with pictures of what is inside for the kids.  Gotta start 'em young on the cleaning!

This is my favorite area.  Jeremy made a table for them to use when coloring or crafting.  I proudly display their preschool artwork above on magnet boards.

 And...the infamous stenciled wall.  I believe it took Jeremy about 2 hours a night for 12 nights in a row.  He loves to paint and didn't purchase the zero-VOC paint, so I pulled my preggo card and opted out of this project.  I'm not sure I could have helped much anyway since we only purchased one stencil.  Everyone thinks it is wallpaper - that is how much of a perfectionist he is and how great it turned out!

Lastly, this was a Pinterest project that will allow us to keep track of their heights for years to come.  I much prefer this idea to drawing on a doorframe so that we can move it around within the house.  We were able to use all moveable pieces that can later be integrated in their bedrooms or other parts of the house.  The kids have thoroughly enjoyed their own space and mama has enjoyed not having toys all over the house (when everything is in its place, that is).

If you need help designing a play room for your child, I would love to help!

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  1. I love the fabric on those window panels, Jessica!