Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Target: Designer Chic with Nate Berkus

After waiting weeks in anticipation for the Nate Berkus collection to arrive, I ran out the door two Sunday's ago (sorry I'm late posting this!) to meet James for our shopping date!  Target number one did not only NOT have the Nate collection out, we were directed around by a Target team member for about 40 minutes before we politely said, thank you for your time, but we'll come back later.  How do these peeps not even know who Nate Berkus is?  For a hot second, I thought we were g to shop first in the back room, but no such luck!

Target number two featured a barely picked over FULL collection on display and in stock!  Victory!  Here are some of our faves.  I scored a small slate picture frame for my bedside table, but left most of it on the shelf for other devoted shoppers.  If only I had a bathroom in need...

Love the natural stone frames

In need of any bling to accessorize for the holidays?

This is the bathroom stuff I'm talking about!  Love!

Loved the pillows on either side of the silver one.  The silver pillow was too, well, silver.

I am so into the Herringbone / Chevron sheets.  Such a modern take on a classic fabric pattern!

Now, I'm ready for the Neiman Marcus Holiday mash-up!  And I know which local Target I'll be skipping first!

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