Thursday, November 29, 2012

Testing the Waters

I posted a little sneak peek on Twitter today, but am testing the waters of new colors in our home.  My current color palette is very warm, cozy, and inviting.  But I am OVER the browns and tans.  Over it.  While I would love to completely overhaul everything, I am trying to be sensible and keep in mind that we (reluctantly) went with a medium toned oak floor and that is not negotiable.

We originally wanted to have really dark espresso stained floors with lots of knots, handscraping, and character.  What we ended up choosing what a medium toned floor that still has a lot of knots and character, but it was more of a compromise (on what we wanted and price).  Lesson learned: always go with your gut even if it means you are going to have to vacuum a lot more.

Current color in main living areas, foyer, and upstairs hallway

So, although I still like the color we painted throughout the main areas of our home, Decatur Buff by Benjamin Moore, I am in the mood for something lighter, brighter, and gray color.  While I love the soft, cool grays, I am going to have to lean towards a warmer tone because of the floors.  I am ninety percent sure we will go with the test color we purchased, but going to paint an entire wall before committing the rest of our home.

Potential new color!

Do you have any colors you are just bored to death with and wish to overhaul?  


  1. Oh, I remember Decatur Gray! That's the color you recommended for Kyle and I's master bedroom in Chicago. It was a nice warm cozy color. But I'm so with you on the change! I love the gray color I picked out for Kyle's office-- Agreeable Gray. I love it so much I painted two bathrooms in it, too and had I not just painted the main level and basement from an oppressive brown to a cheery cream, I would totally do the gray there, too. It's such a clean, fresh color. Happy Painting!!!! :)

  2. I am obsessed with gray right now! We just painted our living room a similar shade and it looks amazing! Now I'm searching for the perfect wallpaper for the dinning room that connects. Any suggestions on where to find something amazing local?

  3. We have used several grays in our new house. My faves are owl gray, revere pewter, and classic gray....All benjamin moore and all quite versatile. Another fave I chose for majority of house is wind's breath. These are the colors that get comments ALL the time.