Monday, May 28, 2012

Anthro Love: Raleigh, NC

About a month ago I went to High Point Market to see all of the latest and greatest in design.  Of course, a girls trip to a different city is never complete without dropping into the local Anthropologie for some inspiration and splurging.  Some very much needed splurging.  I was so stoked to shop without a double stroller and actually be able to try on jeans, I didn't know what to do with myself!  

Don't you just love the navajo inspired couch, throws, pillows and table runner?  Bring it.

The center of the home decor was a vaulted ceiling with large tree limbs intruding from above.  I loved it. And I am always drawn to the table with stacks of china.  Love.

Spending the last eight years with baths and kitchens, these antique tap towel hooks were near and dear.

What is not to love about this picture?  The mirrored piece, the silhouette wallpaper (I must use this somewhere), the boat art, the mosaic flooring...

Goodbye trees, until we meet again in another city!

Share my love for this store?  Check out St. LouisSan Francisco, and Richmond!

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