Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Anthropologie Inspiration

I always insist on visiting Anthro in every city we visit, so San Francisco was no exception. The babies passed out in the car, so my sis-in-law drove them around while we hopped on the BART and headed downtown. Check out these amazing displays!

I love everything about this display. The layered rugs. The fabric on the chair. The rustic table. Delicious.

This display was eye catching from afar and had impeccable detail look up close. Each piece is a shredded map, thousands of pieces making up the large scale "waves."

The simplicity of this display featured single light bulbs inside of birdcage-like fixtures surrounded by pebbles.  The masculine and industrial appeal of this area gives me all sorts of inspiration!

The entrance area to the dressing rooms greets you with this amazing light installation.  I really can't get enough of this store!  Where is your fave location?

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  1. If only I could afford all of anthor's amazing clothes and home line! Love the 5th ave store in Chelsea :)