Thursday, January 5, 2012

DIY: Pinterest Sentiment Ornament

Don't you just want to thank your lucky stars for Pinterest?  I knew I had saved all of my friends' wedding invitations for a reason as soon as I saw this picture!

It is absolutely SO EASY and made the best gift.  Everyone that received one loved it and I think I even surprised some of them by keeping their invites.  Most of my friends didn't realize what it was!

What you need:

  • Wedding invite or something sentimental to shred
  • Straight edge paper cutter
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Empty large glass ball ornament that you can fill
How to make:
  • Shred the invitation
  • Make sure you slice right in between where the writing is so it is legible inside of the ornament

  • Curl each piece of paper as if it were ribbon

  • Wrap it around your finger to create a tighter curl

  • Insert all curls into the ornament


PS.  Shannon, I made you & Zac a Christmas ornament :)


  1. Love love love this!!! Thank you for mine!!!

  2. What a great idea!! This is so pretty. My twin sis is getting married in a couple months; now I know what I'll be giving her for Christmas this year.... :)