Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Anthropologie: St. Louis

You know I couldn't visit a big city without dropping in on Anthropologie!  My BFF took me to a HUGE mall that we ended up staying in for five hours!  What did you expect when it was my first trip out of town without the babies?  Needless to say, their location did not disappoint.  Take a peek!

Distressed cabinets with two different paint colors.  Mustard yellow and olive green - delicious.

These glass paneled cabinets had line drawings inserted behind them.  
Great idea for a simple update or holiday decor!

Paper chains made with LOTS of paper and LOTS of staples.  I am thinking of using this for garland - perhaps next year's tree should be white and gold?

This "light fixture" was tons of ornaments grouped together by hanging them with long strings from one central point.  There was a strand of Christmas lights balled in the center to illuminate the ornaments.  
Simple and genius!

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  1. It's my store <3

    I loved our Wanderlust theme this year... and it's actually not a paper garland, but duct tape (done back to back) and then cut. Super simple... you must've missed our pendant chandelier made out of zip ties