Friday, July 1, 2011

Tori Spelling and all things chic...

I must admit, I was the biggest 90210 fan growing up and even hosted a few friends over for the series finale.  I didn't really continue to follow Tori Spelling over the years until she was seen everywhere with her pug, MiMi La Rue.  Her celeb-studded wedding at her parents' home mansion (a.k.a. the "Manor") made all sorts of headlines.  THEN, she fell in love, got remarried, and started her empire that I cannot get enough of.  

Seeing as that I am a reality TV junkie, I fell hard for Tori and Dean Inn Love.  From the renovations of the B&B, Chateau Le Rue, to her super hilarious and honest relationship with her husband; I loved every aspect of this chapter!

I think my infatuation is because it seems as though every aspect of Tori's life points back to design.  Awesome design.  She has decorated each of her homes, party planned the most detailed and fabulous events, and most recently served as event planner for sTORIbook Weddings, a show that grants lucky couples their dream wedding.

I absolutely adore the mixing of very California chic prints with antique pieces and new modern trends, such as the black cabinets and carrera counter tops.  Her style incorporates bold pops of color and still gives such a classic vibe.

House in Brentwood - Kitchen & Family Room

House in Encino - Kitchen

The Living Room after it's remodel - Encino house

Stella's First Birthday Party

Stella's Dessert Table: impeccable taste and such detail!

Here is a YouTube video of Tori's remodel in her latest home:

I am almost forgetting to mention she has jewelry, kids' clothing lines, AND writes amazingly funny books.  Her children are super adorable and are never seen without something stylish on.  What can't this girl do?

If I could roll with her budget, I would love to see what she could do with my house!  Tori Spelling, you are fab!

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  1. I am such a huge Tori Spelling fan too! I love her new show, sToribook Weddings. Not to mention, I am beyond obsessed with her Master Bedroom at her new home.