Saturday, July 2, 2011

Honoring your dog

Sadly, we unexpectedly lost our sweet little Scout this week.  In memory of him, I thought it would be an appropriate time to give pointers on how to include your dog in your living space in a way that doesn't announce it to the world by clashing with your decor.

Our little Scoutiepants

Dogs want to be around their families all of the time.  They can't get enough of us!  We spend most of our time together in the family room, kitchen, and outside in the summer.  I truly think it is important for dogs to have their own area in your space as well.  This can be as simple as a small (or large) dog bed in the family room or their bowls in your kitchen (or in our case, mudroom right off of the kitchen).

  • Try using a neutral color dog bed that can sit on the floor next to your couch discreetly.  There are so many fabric options out there.  You can even have their name embroidered if you would like! 

  • If you truly want your four-legged friend to be treated like royalty, there are actual small pieces of furniture to be fit for a king!

  • You can stylishly have their dog food out in the open (gasp!) by filling a large glass canister and setting it right beside their bowls for easy access.  We keep the large bright pink bag out in the garage (and when we were in our first house, under the kitchen sink).  Check out our dogs' eating area in the mudroom.

  • Pick up toys when they are done playing or gather them and place them in their bed.  We keep a tin canister in the hall coat closet downstairs and let them leave a few favorites out at a time.
  • Keep leashes, extra collars, blankets, and other dog necessities in the same storage area.  We have a drawer in our mudroom dedicated to the dogs.  You can even use decorative hooks for leashes - think beyond what is made for a dog!
  • Get creative with the dog beds!  If you are outside a lot, give them a weather resistant bed to relax on for the patio or deck.
  • Lastly, give your dog a hug tonight even though that has nothing to do with keeping your house stylish!

Introducing Scout to Grayson, who was days old -  
they became instant buddies and Scout looked 
forward to playing with Grayson every night after dinner.
We miss you, buddy!

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