Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why yes, there is a modern vintage!

My first official post (other than the introductory hello) was posing the question - is there such thing as modern vintage?  I just received an email from my FAVORITE STORE EVER, Anthropologie (we are BFF's and I commonly refer to her as Anthro), confirming that yes, there is such thing!  

I am jumping on Barnes and Noble's websites N.O.W. to order this precious beaut!

While we are on the subject, what are you currently reading or eyeing?  

I purchased this while on bed rest last year.  Sadly, I have not picked it up yet, but hope to do so before the movie is out!  I won't allow myself to see a movie if I haven't read the book first.  It always ruins the book if you do it backwards.  

Does anyone else have a book problem?  I have a problem with books.  I like to lazily stroll the aisles of bookstores and buy books that I have good intentions of reading and then end up stashing in a drawer or using as decor.  

I am probably behind the eight ball on this one, but I am also going to pick up this one while shopping online.  I can't help myself; it just looks so pretty and I miss the magazine!  RIP Domino!


  1. Can you use books as decor if you have read 25 pages of them? I have the same problem as you - they sound sooooo good, but then I never make the time to sit down and read. (And I don't have any little people at my house to blame it on; at least you have a built-in, realistic excuse!)

    You MUST read The Help, though. It is fabulous. Truly.

  2. Reading The Help and LOVE IT, you will too!

  3. @mcbeth - definitely! I always plan to go back and read them...just not sure when! Hopefully our upcoming beach vaca will help out!

  4. The Help is awesome - a must read!