Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rain, rain, go away...

Many people have the misperception that a rain head has zero pressure.  These days, the term "rain head" is more commonly used in reference to the diameter of a larger shower head and actually has little or nothing to do with the pressure.  Most shower heads larger in diameter are actually FULL of pressure, assuming you have good water pressure coming into your house.

A true rain can has a "cavity" inside that just fills with water and literally lets it fall out of the head like rain.  This is what most people think of when picturing a rain head.  However, what you should be picturing is a larger head spraying water at a rate of 2.5 gallons or more per minute!  The more is referring to those of you rule-breakers who take the flow restrictors out and are not concerned about being eco-friendly.

Having worked in a bath showroom the past seven years, I have been able to test many shower heads in our own home and figure out what I do and don't like.  Here are a few I like to switch up every now and then.

The Moen Isabel is a dual function shower head measuring 8" in diameter.  You use the lever on the side to change from a wide all-encompassing spray to a smaller concentrated spray coming out of the center.  Moen's Immersion Technology is superior in pressure and allows even the wide spray to feel just as powerful as the smaller diameter spray.

Delta's H2O Kinetic Technology saves over 36% water than other shower heads and feels no different.  We currently have this shower head on one of our master shower heads and Jeremy will not let me change it.  He is in love!  Although it uses less water, because they are larger droplets, you do not sacrifice in pressure or coverage!

Kohler has a wide offering of shower heads, but this flush to the ceiling four spray head at 10 gallons of water per minute is King.  Kohler leads the way with their flush body sprays (think individual versions of what is seen above mounted to the wall) and has now transferred it to the ceiling.  If you want to be drenched, this is the way to go.  You can even choose to go with chromatherapy installed in the ceiling and have it hooked up to your DTV shower system and iPOD.  But that is for the big leagues...and will require another entire post to explain.

This Grohe shower head cannot be surpassed!  At 16" in diameter, I don't even want to know how much water will come out of it once you remove the flow restrictor (not suggesting to waste water and do this, but why else would you buy this shower head?).  I have not personally used this head, but it really is ENORMOUS.  No complaints from anyone that purchased this in their bathroom - I'm assuming they are too busy enjoying it to let me know.

Hansgrohe really knows what they are doing when infusing air through their shower head to create the feeling of greater water pressure.  It's genius.  They call it Air Injection Technology and offer it on a variety of options.  Their quiclean system allows you to clean the grime or build up left from your water in the shower head by simply wiping a damp wash cloth over the face of the head.  Thanks for the technology, Germany!

No, this is not a rain head.  But it is an awesome shower head that retails for 75 bucks in chrome.  And it has four different spray patterns you can alternate between by flipping the shower head around in a circle.  Hello, Flipside!  Kohler describes the four spray patterns as:

Koverage™-a full-face spray for a superb performance for everyday use
Kotton™- releases a uniquely dense, soft, enveloping downpour of luxury spa spray
Komotion™- a full-face spray that delivers a drenching spray in an exhilarating, circular pattern that both relaxes and refreshes the senses for a deep sense of well being
Kurrent™- delivers a targeted massage spray to ease away aches and pains and revitalize your body

This is what is currently on the second shower head in our master bath.  Now, run over to your local wholesale distributor and splurge on a new shower head!  You deserve it!

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