Saturday, June 25, 2011

I miss you, Jeff Lewis!

I am super excited for Jeff Lewis' return to Bravo this July!  Is anyone else counting down the days?  I do believe that Flipping Out is what originally made me fall in love with Bravo.  I can't quite remember if his show began before or after the Real Housewives of OC, but it was one or the other that snagged my heart.

I realize he is neurotic and type A to the max, but I tell my husband all the time I could seriously work for him.  I am in love with his brutal honesty, on point sense of urgency and organizational skills, and of course his passion and talent for design.  I can hardly wait for all of the new and hilarious debates between Jeff and his housekeeper, Zoila. Oh yeah, and obviously the seriously to-die-for kitchens and baths.  

There is a new series rumored to be in the works called Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis...any word on a date?  I can only imagine this will be just as addictive!

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