Friday, June 17, 2011

Modern vintage?

Is there such thing as modern vintage?  I feel like the current style I am loving should be called "modern vintage."  I absolutely love old, full of quality, well-loved, vintage pieces.  However, I am also a huge fan of bright, fun fabrics and contemporary designs.  

For example, here is a set of antique chairs I inherited from my grandmother.  I love the style, but the old, icky fabric had to go!  Can you believe these chairs were so old they were stuffed with hay?!?!?  My husband discovered this when pulling them apart.  I was (thankfully) many months pregnant and nesting like crazy.  He was sweet enough to make my vision a reality and recovered the chairs by himself!

Here is the a picture of what the chairs originally looked like:

*Please excuse the iPhone picture

And here is what they looked like after our makeover!

I used fabric with a modern print (I later saw this on everything in Crate and Barrel last summer) and a more traditional grey trim.  Although I love nail head trim, I opted for the more modern piping around the front and back of the chair.  

A sneak peek into our foyer where the chairs live...

Anyone else a fan of meshing two or more styles together to create your own favorite look?


  1. next time you do this, I'd love a tutorial! I've always wondered how to reupholster a chair.... You made it sound so easy...too good to be true.

  2. Definitely! I am currently in search of chairs for our master sitting as soon as I find the perfect pair!

  3. Love how you've mixed vintage with modern, the perfect combo! Keeps the posts coming, I look forward to them!!!!