Saturday, June 4, 2011


Today, I am taking a jump into the world of blogging.  It is finally time to just do it!

Hello, world!  My name is Jessica Cooley and I'm an interior design and art graduate who has been working the past seven years as a consultant in a bath and kitchen showroom.  I have learned a lot professionally about the building and remodeling processes, worked with contractors, architects, designers, homeowners (and anyone else in the industry you can name), and have slowly molded and remolded my own design tastes and preferences.  Craving another outlet for my creativity, I decided to start this blog.  It just seems so limited to leave my daily experiences at work or to not have anyone else to share a new found love for a certain product, style, or color with!

I grew up as the daughter of a custom builder and plumber by trade, running around houses in the framing stage and redecorating my own bedroom at every opportunity possible.  I have always known that I wanted to become an interior designer.  My passion for design, color, furnishings, lighting, and the ability to express oneself through the jewelry of your home is what makes me tick!  Our house is my canvas, constantly being reworked to make it our home.  I truly believe that a home can be beautiful no matter the budget, and as long as you make your home a true representation of yourself, you will love the space you live in.

My husband Jeremy is the handyman behind all of the projects and things we do around the house.  He actually loves to paint, designed our home, and never complains about the running to-do list.  We are the proud parents to our sweet baby twins, Olivia and Grayson.  They are the loves of our lives, obviously serving as the inspiration behind my blog name.  And so, here begins my journey into the blogging world...

Welcome to our little slice of heaven in the country!

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