Wednesday, March 6, 2013

DIY: Industrial Chic Side Table

In the midst of my pregnancy nesting and insomnia, I thought of this little gem while falling asleep one night.  The side table next to the reupholstered chair was the missing piece to the puzzle of Harrison's nursery.  Having worked for a plumbing company and being the daughter of a contractor, I knew galvanized pipe would give me the exact look I wanted.

Notice the highly appropriate notepad I sketched this on...

So the next morning, we all set out in search of the sizes we needed.  One trip to Ferguson, Lowe's and Home Depot gave us everything we Jeremy needed to execute my table!  Thankfully, my husband was psyched and could whip this up in an afternoon just based on my sketch!

Didn't he do an amazing job?  We used a piece of wood that already had a reclaimed vibe and stained it in an espresso color.  Jeremy was also able to stack two pieces together to give the surface a more substantial look.

I promise to get the entire nursery photographed soon... it is now my favorite room in the house!

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