Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Client Overhaul Complete

I have a confession; I feel like a blog-post hoarder.  I have been slacking on posting the work I have actually been doing because I have been that busy!  My business has truly been a blessing for our family over the past year.  It has allowed for me to pursue my professional dream of becoming an interior designer, a more flexible schedule, and more time to devote to our children.  I figured a day of being snowed in with two two-year-olds and an infant is the perfect time to catch up.  Who needs a nap when you are getting increments of sleep two hours at a time?

Remember the progess pictures I posted a while back on this client's home?  Well, here are the final snapshots after our install!  We were waiting on one console table when I took these, so I will try and make it back sometime so you can all see the true finished room!

And just a recap of the before, what do you think?

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