Sunday, August 7, 2011

Voila: Guest Room Reveal

After a few nights of painting, measuring, and restyling, the guest room is complete!  My BFF was in town for a short and sweet visit and loved the new room; success!  

Here is what the guest room looked like for the past three years since we moved in.  I have to admit, I didn't give it much love.  I kind of used "leftovers" from our previous home's master and guest rooms and threw it all together just to fill the room.  After debating the color scheme and finding the perfect coverlet, I decided on yellow and gray.  I know, very trendy right now, but I can't help but love it.  

Here are the BEFORE pics from the very neglected guest room.

Drab and boring, huh?

NOW, may I present to you, our very chic and cheery guest room that went from drab to fab!  VOILA!

Lots and lots of measuring and taping!

Architectural pics from our travels to Boston, Chicago, and San Fran

My little guy at six months

Obsessed with this mirror!

The dressers are antiques and were originally my grandparents.  I have repainted them three times (well, actually my mom and I painted the first coat and Jeremy covered the second and third) and decided black is the best look.  The hardware is still original and is a brassy antiqued finish - love with the black.

The bedframe was mine growing up.  My mom recently found the receipt from the antique store and said she paid only 250.00 for it!  I considered stripping it down to its' original iron tone, but decided I like the juxtaposition between the chipping white paint and the modern chevron wall.  

I never feel like a room is "complete."  I will continue searching for the perfect accessories and probably a chair, but felt it was blog worthy after our few days of hard labor.  

Have you taken any rooms from drab to fab recently?


  1. That junk is the bomb

  2. I love yellow and gray and I'm obsessed with chevron - this is giving me the motivation to finally complete my neglected guest-room!

  3. I can't believe you find time to do that with not just one baby, but two. Puts me to shame. LOVE LOVE LOVE the gray and yellow!

  4. Believe me, Jen, I am lacking in sleep and broke my caffeine rule more than once this past week!

  5. Love,love,love this!! You truly are amazing!! I love all the accessories and especially the wall!! Xo

  6. I love my new room!!!!!!! You really hit a homerun on this room for me...I would die to have this as my guest bedroom in my home!