Thursday, July 14, 2011

What's In a Spray?

I'm referring to body sprays.  Body sprays, shower heads, hand showers, and any source outlet for water you can think of for your shower is all the rage.  The eighties were spent focusing on whirlpool tubs for your master bath, but this era is all about the shower.  Some tubs take over 90 gallons to fill and depending how often you use it, that is A LOT of water.  Body sprays come in different variations ranging from 1.6 to 2.5 gallons of water per minute.  I usually recommend going with the low flow if you are on a well or worried about your water pressure.  The 2.5 gpm sprays are more common and have more designs to choose from, such as the flush square mounted design in the Kohler shower below.  

You can really design a custom shower system to be as small or grand as you can imagine.  It can be as basic as a shower head, hand shower, and a few body sprays.  Or you design something much more fab, like the Kohler DTV system above.  This system features more than you will ever need, but isn't it so cool?  I am attending a designer even tomorrow and will get to test this bad boy out!

So many homeowners say that they would still like to put a tub in their master bath for "resale value."  If everyone is saying that it is just for the resale, but no one truly wants or uses a tub, what is the perceived value?  I highly encourage clients to splurge inside of the shower.  In our fast-paced society, most people do not have time to sit in a tub and love the idea of tricking out their shower even if they only take quick showers.  At least they will be enjoyable, right?

The only tubs I truly love that, in my opinion, will never go out of style are the ultra classic soaking tubs.  There are all different variations in style and different materials available for a freestanding tub.  They can seriously make a bathroom.  

The copper bath is hand hammered and in an antiqued finish.  Perfect for any farmhouse or rustic vibe.

Volcanic limestone is solid surface all the way through and a great alternative to cast iron because of it's light weight.  Cast iron is a great classic material, but can often need extra structural support.

This acrylic tub is also another alternative to cast iron.  The clean and classic lines in this tub scream timeless perfection to me!

Kohler's most classic design and probably the most popular style: claw foot.

Do you have a shower you love or wish you had invested in a shower system rather than a tub?  What about your favorite style of bath?  Do tell!


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