Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mod-Traditional Nursery - Olivia & Grayson's Crib

I absolutely love traditional, classic designs, but I also adore bright modern fabrics and the simplicity they bring.  You can brighten up just about any space by simply adding an eye-catching fabric to it.  No fuss and cluttering of accessories, just color.  I love it all - wall color, fabrics, rugs, name it, I'll take it in a bright color!  It's funny because the majority of my house is done in warm, rich cozy colors that make you want to curl up on the couch with a good book.  I decided I wanted a nursery that would pop with color, but stay traditional in style.  Welcome to my babies' crib - literally.

Olivia & Grayson, 3 months old
Photography by Ashley Glasco

I have always wanted a blue and green nursery - no matter if it was a boy or a girl (lucky me, I got one of each!).  After finding this mod-print dog fabric, I knew it was the start of my inspiration.  Bright baby blue serves as the wall color, while the furniture pieces are rich espresso and cream tones.  

These are up close shots of the fabrics I used for the window toppers and crib skirts.  Red and brown serve as accent colors in the room through the fabric in the window treatments, pillows, and gliders.  

My girlfriend Susan and I painted each of our dogs, Scout and Sidney, on the wall in the same style as the fabric.

I take the babies' monthly pictures in this chair.  This is their one month (actually six weeks) picture in their "Born in 2010" onesies.  Grayson was not a fan of posing.

While in NYC preggo, I picked up some artwork from my favorite local artist, Ilia Pasymansky.  He does the most beautifully detailed pen and ink etchings.  

The babies' godparents made the huge letters as wall hangings and we covered them  with paint and wrapping paper to coordinate with the color scheme.

We have our baby bags (well, my baby bag and Jeremy's Diaper Dude) hanging from the "O" and "G" silver initial hooks from Anthropologie.

This is hands down my favorite room in the house.  It could just be because it houses our two favorite people.  Do you have a favorite room in your home? 


  1. beautiful and fabulous!! i love keeping up with your blog. i don't know what my favorite room is- i think the family room.

  2. Love all the design, love and detail you put into your nursery! My fav room is definitely the living room, but that's just b/c I haven't finished my other rooms!!! Need your help :)

  3. LOVE it! And I love your entire house! One day Im going to get you to redecorate our entire house haha! Minus the toy clutter, I think I like our living room the best :)

  4. Hi Jessica! Oh my goodness, your babies are adorable!!! And so is their room! I love the colors you used! My twins are just one month younger than yours. I only have one picture of them on my blog (so sad...I should put more.) Anyway it's on a post called "Easter Bucket to Planter" if you want to see them. Mine are boy & girl twins too- the best I think! :)
    Love your blog! I'll be following you and checking out all your cute ideas! I love to meet a fellow mommy of twins!

  5. Oops, I was wrong. That post I just told you about only has a picture of one of my twins. Here's the one with a picture of both. :)

  6. Thanks, everyone! Brooke, they are so cute! I look forward to following your blog :)

  7. Really fun room! I also have a son Grayson who is 4 is a family name on my husbands side. Enjoying your blog.

  8. Thanks, Michelle! It is my grandfather's name also! I am checking out your blog too now - it is funny to find someone with similar taste! I just ordered two lanterns for our dining room and am ditching the chandelier :)

  9. Oooo I like your color choices!! And that bookshelf/changing area is awesome! Very nice room. Thanks for linking up to Roomspiration today, I'm a new follower :)

  10. Very cute nursery. I love that all the art has special meaning to you - that is so important in a home! And those painted dogs are adorable!!