Monday, July 25, 2016

E-Design Launch for Olivia Grayson Interiors!

Friends, I have some exciting news to share!  I have officially launched Olivia Grayson Interiors E-Design as of this week!  What does this mean, you ask?  It means that you can hire a professional interior designer from the comfort of your own laptop and have a full scale design plan for your space delivered straight to your inbox!

After working with clients in Utah, California, Florida and Washington DC with such ease, I decided it was time to keep my business evolving and move forward with this opportunity for clients who may not live nearby or have the free time to meet with an interior designer.  I have worked with clients across the country in full scale remodels, new builds, and simple one-room redesigns.

Another exciting element to this launch is this is also available to those in the Richmond, VA area!  In an ever-changing world of DIY, pinterest-loving, and just plain tired and overworked mamas, this can be for you also!  It is a complete game changer to have a professional design the space without trying to cram one more appointment in your already-too-full schedule!

I would LOVE to hear about your space and design needs.  Please check out my detailed E-Design plan on my website!  Your space that you have been waiting to refresh is waiting!


  1. This is such exciting news I couldn't not comment!!!! I was blessed enough to be Jessica's Utah-based client. I've used her services on a one-room design when we first moved into our home, as well as through an entire 7-month long remodel/addition on that same home some 5 years later. I loved her so much I gifted her to my parents after they moved into their new-to-them home in Richmond. They loved her work. She held my hand through every step of the remodel. From exterior lights and paint colors to interior fabrics, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, countertops, flooring-- she got me through it not only alive, but happy and in love with every decision. There comes a point when you hit decision fatigue and you think you can't possibly make another one. Jess was patient and did all the hard work. She was so encouraging and positive. Being a designer is no easy task. Jess made it look easy though. She was professional yet so comfortable to bounce my thoughts off of. She's the perfect combination of a mind-reader, therapist, bff and designer rolled into one fabulous, talented lady. You won't be disappointed. :)

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