Thursday, April 19, 2012

So, It's Been A While...

I know, I know.  I always have excuses after taking a long, unexpected hiatus from the blog.  I love this blog and putting a bit of design inspiration out there, but man, it is not as easy as it looks!  Big changes have been happening in the Cooley household over the past month.

I left my full time job after eight years.  It was my first and only job after college, but it was time.  I have always wanted to start my own design company, and the opportunity just kind of presented itself.  You know when you keeping getting signs in life that all point in the same direction?  It just kept happening to me!  I am finally starting to feel the reality of leaving, but I think I was in denial for quite some time.  I am enjoying working for myself and spending more time with my family.  Especially on the weekends!

This weekend will be my first official trip to High Point Market!  I am meeting up and rooming with a college friend who is a market veteran, so I am super pumped for her to show me the ropes!  I know I am going to find lots of inspiring things to photograph, so stay tuned for upcoming posts!  I'm back in the game, folks!

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