Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our Little Mud Room

One of the most important things to me when designing our house was to have a space to "unload" all of our things when walking into the house instead of letting them spill over into the living space and kitchen.  I very much appreciate our garage entrance, but knew we would need a home for shoes, jackets, hand bags, baby bags, and whatever else we need to drop at the door!

After several failed attempts of trying to hire someone to custom build shelving and searching all over creation for the perfect pre-made storage system, we stumbled upon this beauty from Restoration Hardware.  I have always loved the Pottery Barn locker system, but did you know it is only 60" tall?  I knew that would not give me the look I was going for considering we have nine foot ceilings.  I am only 63" tall and I can't imagine you can store very much in them.

The mud room entrance is off of the garage and enters directly into our kitchen.  There is an outside side which exits to the screened in porch as well as a small powder room with a pedestal sink and toilet.  Planning ahead for the future, I thought it would be nice to have a bathroom there for children coming in from playing outside or Jeremy working in the garage.

Okay, enough background, welcome to our sweet little mud room!


We used ceramic tile that resembles slate and has many different natural colored tones in it.  I originally painted the room a darker tan, but recently used Ben Moore's Silver Chain to brighten it up!

The tiny powder room that we refer to as the mud bath is over to the left if you are viewing the pictures above.  It is small and a little rustic, but I think perfectly appropriate for its purpose.


The top print is "The Kiss", the middle is an oil painting my brother brought me back from Italy, and the bottom is a print of the old theatre in Strasburg, VA.  The vintage map I found at an antique store; it was made the year my parents were born!


  1. Your little mudroom is freaking gorgeous! I wish I could use a little jar for my dog food, but I have 30 lb bags of the stuff :(.

    Love your space.

  2. Thanks, Anne! We buy the large bag too, keep it in the garage, and refill the jar.

  3. Beautiful job! Your mudroom is gorgeous. I love the shelving unit, it is perfect for the space.

    Thanks for linking up to Roomspiration.

  4. Thanks, Elizabeth, for putting it together! I love your blog!