Sunday, August 28, 2011

Paint colors are my fave

I LOVE selecting paint colors.  The whole process is so fun for me.  I love the yummy names, the thousands of options, and the gut feeling I always have when finding "the one."  I know it is not everyone's forte so I am kind of my friends' resident paint gal.  I think what is so overwhelming to most people is that there are so many options, brands, shades, and hues.  It's hard to narrow it down if you are intimidated by a paint deck.

I am absolutely fascinated by how many colors there are in existence.  While studying design in college, we had guest speakers from the Pantone design team.  What was so incredible about their jobs is that they are required to come up with names for thousands of new paint colors a year.  Seriously?  I would love that gig.

Anyway, when selecting a color, I like to start with a basic idea of the color I want.  I usually have a vision in my head, but am sometimes inspired by fabrics first if I have already selected some for the room.  From there, I think about what kind of feeling or vibe I want the room to have.  If this sounds Greek to you, there is a great book out there (and I am sure many more) on color.  Who knew there are feelings and moods that can be provoked or brought out by color?

If you are not into reading up on colors, there are easy to use web-based tools that most brands have on their official websites.  My go-to brand is Benjamin Moore and I prefer to have the paint deck in hand since colors can look different in different lighting settings.  The online browsing may help you narrow down your search and their website does have a "Design Your Own Room" tool, great color combination offerings, and Interior Design ideas broken down by rooms.

For all of you Pottery Barn lovers, they come out with a delicious color palette every season.  PB is really big on Benjamin Moore's historic colors (as am I), and usually have a pretty warm scheme throughout.  You can check out the Fall 2011 collection below.

Do you have a process you go through when selecting a new paint color?  Favorite brand?  Let's compare notes!


  1. Oh I love that book! I kept all my notes from that seminar too! I just remember thinking how much I wanted Leatrice's job!! And I love Ben. Moore the most, too. I call him Ben like we are old friends. Jojo

  2. Too funny! I still have my notes too! Loved it! I will also have to start referring to him as Ben.

  3. Just a shout out that Jess seriously is the best at picking paint colors. she has done it for me on two of the homes we live(d) in. She has nailed the colors perfectly without even being in the walls of my home! How's that for talent!!???

  4. we've been painting the last couple of weeks. changing colors and such around the house and outdoor buildings. i find it to be super fun but sometimes the colors i select don't look as fun or maybe "too fun" when put on the walls (or floors). i made a slight mishap with a color choice for our new office concrete floor- previously man shed/cave. i am going to take the paint back to the store and have them add a little more blue to my sherwin williams'll have to see it. you'll laugh.

  5. Would LOVE to see the floor color, M! I do love your funky purple door! I guess I should say "plum." It's very chic!